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Past client comments and feedback on the service provided and the resulting modifications

Seat leon

Got the car remapped by pure torque and was very impressed.The power difference was class and so was the torque.The car is going like a dream and i would definately recommend pure torqueto anyone.

Gti golf

I had the remap done on my golf, was very good difference in power and the car is goin very well

Fergal Addision

Got the 1950 Mini "Mayfair" remaped, she was a fine improvement, engine is goin like she has never went before. Pure Torgue is class. Thanks lads.

Scott, Golf GT TDI

GT TDI 140bhp, there has been a very impressive gain of 185bhp straight off the dyno, and it got quicker over few hundred miles, the torque in hight gears has also increased greatly, and the eco has also increased to 68mpg over 60mile trip, very impressed well recomended.


puretorque mapped my 330d. she has gained bhp and gets more mpg! the torque gain is really impressive! well reccomended

Clive, Land Rover- discovery

Back for the second trial of puretorque with my discovery jeep, was dead as, real surprised on how much the remap improve the pulling power n torque in just an ever day farm jeep, great... also getting more miles on fuel. Good Job gain fellas.

Clive, Audi 3l tdi Quattro

Got the lads at puretorque to map my tdi, couldn't believe the gains in torque alone, the bhp increase was also well improve, very happy with the short time to do it at work, more mpg and would recommend them to any one, many thanks lads.

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