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Re-mapping is the re-programming of your cars ECU (engine control unit). This can increase turbo diesels and petrol turbo cars by 35% on bhp and 45% on torque, non-turbo diesels can be increased by 10-15%. It involves taking the car manufactures programme and customizing it to suit the customers' requirements.

The tuning of your vehicle it done through your cars OBD II diagnostic socket without the involvement of having to solder the ECU of the car. The Remapping is invisible type of tunning that can’t be traced by the opening of cars ECU.

It is also possible to re-programme the original manufacturers file back into any car for in simple reason of being sold on or anything else in general.
What is Remapping/Chipping?

Remapping and Chip Tuning are often hard to understand, they are the same type of engine tuning just different forms of doing each method. Chip Tuning can be classified as taking the E.C.U from the car removing a chip, re-programming it for increased bhp & torque then soldering it back in, whilst remapping is more a modern term for reading your vehicles through the diagnostic plug to gain the data from the E.C.U, and loading it back in. When remapping a number of alterations to maps can be made like the control of fueling, ignition timing, acceleration and turbo boost. At PureTorque we’ve come a long way in the understanding of engine tuning, which started off with edc15 vehicles, we are now using the latest up to date software that allows us to read the new development of edc16 vehicles and be constantly updated on any new products that may arise.

Why Remap/Chip?

E.C.U’s were an effective method of controlling fueling, emissions and ignition timing. New cars have to go through a rage of test in Europe on noxious gases that were being produced, manufactures had to meet the requirements of theses tests and reduce the performance of the cars threw the E.C.U by reducing fuel intake creating lag and flat spots. Leaving E.C.U’s like this allows room for high improvements in power and torque with out breaking emission regulations.

Services Include:

Custom Re-Mapping / Chiptuning
Speed Limiter Removal
Repair of KWP Crashed ECU's
Available to Ireland. North and South

Located in Moira 5 minutes from the Motorway

Our Service is fully mobile so you can have your car re-mapped at home, work or wherever you choose

30 Day Trial

If you are in any way unsatisfied with our work we will return
your car to standard within this trial period and refund you fully

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